Songs and Poems

"Synchronicities can happen one after the other,
as though a point is being made over and over again."

The Power of Flow, p. 23


One day I was doing some field work
in a tractor and listening to the radio. I was in the tractor for about six hours and for some reason the whole day I had "Hello, I Love You" by the Doors in my head, I'm talking big time. Anyways, as I was coming home the song came on. The weird thing about it is that the station that played it, well, I never in a hundred years would've expected them to play it. I truly thought God spoke to me that day.


About 10 years ago, on an episode of the old TV series
"Family Law," I heard and fell in love with a song that was not released to the public. I had video-taped the last half of the episode ('Sacrifices,' original air date October 29, 2001), and used to replay only the last several minutes of the video over and over once in a while, just to listen to that song. Several times a year, I would search the internet to see if it was available, by typing in some of the lyrics. I hit a brick wall on every attempt for close to eight years. Late in the evening on Saturday, October 17th, 2009, I finally tracked down the full list of credits at IMDB for that particular episode of the show, with four names listed in the music credits. I googled the first three names, no luck. On the fourth name, after linking to a children's music tape produced by this man on, I located his website, with an email address on it. I wrote to him immediately, asking if he knew who sang or wrote the song, and if he knew where I could purchase a copy of it. He personally wrote back to me within just a few hours. The man is David Tobocman, who had written and performed the song himself, his debut as a performer, as he shared with me in his reply. He graciously attached an MP3 copy of the master track for me. I was delirious that I finally had it. The next day, (Sunday the 18th, at 9:44 am) I tried four times to send him a thank-you reply, but for some mysterious reason, our electricity was going crazy. The 4th try finally went through an hour after I started, but we had to shut down our computers before they got fried from the intermittent power surges. (We had exchanged a total of four emails).


On Monday morning, October 19th, at 9:44 am, my mother called me to inform me of my brother's unexpected death. The circumstances surrounding his death were mysterious, unusual, and maybe a bit accidental. The coroner estimated his time of death at very close to the same time the previous day that our electricity was on the blink, 250 miles away from his and my parent's hometown. As soon as she called me, I instantly remembered that over the course of about 20 years, I had had four dreams of seeing my brother dead, and not knowing the circumstances of why he died. In these dreams, I couldn't see his face, only his body, but I knew it was him. He was 44 years and 4 months old exactly on the day he died. My mother had found my brother dead, face down on the floor in the laundry area of his house, with an LCD flashlight that was still on near his hand. Apparently he had been investigating some electrical issues in HIS house just before he died (several of the breaker box switches had been flipped, a couple of fuses were blown, and parts of the house were without power when she found him that morning). I began to see some correlation of the events at this point. The next day, I called my fiance and asked him to make a CD copy of that song, and bring it with him when he came. I suddenly felt compelled to use the song as background music for a balloon release at the conclusion of the service, symbolizing our willingness to let go of him. My father initially called the idea a "circus stunt," and we had very cross words over it in the funeral director's office while planning the service. My mother and sister backed my request, and my dad finally gave in. I bought four white balloons for my parents, my sister and myself, and about three dozen multi-colored balloons for those in attendance to join in with us. According to family and friends, it was the most touching moment of the service. After the service was over, and we were back home having lunch, my father apologized to me (the first time EVER in my 49 years of life) about resisting the moment, thanked me for delivering the eulogy, and told me "I liked it; you did a good job" (also a spectacular first in my life).


Almost two years later now, I finally understand why that song was suddenly found and almost instantly in my possession, after so many years of looking without success, and why it was the ONLY song appropriate for the situation. I had completely spaced the story-line of the show that the song came from. The TV episode that the music was recorded for was about a family with 14 children who had one son with some very troubling personal issues that were wreaking havoc on his whole family. When they were no longer able to hide the dysfunction, and couldn't continue dealing with him privately within the family, the authorities forced them to give up the troubled son for the good of the entire family. It was in many ways a parallel to what was going on in my family with my own brother for more than 25 years. The song showed up exactly when it was supposed to, not when I wanted it to. .

Debi F, Oklahoma, USA

A few years ago I had just finished reading the book
"Coal Miner's Daughter" the autobiography of Loretta Lynn. I was very caught up in her story and must admit to shedding a few tears by the time I had finished it. The funny thing is, I am not a country music fan especially and wasn't even very familiar with her music. I decided that I would turn on the radio and try to find a country station and that if I listened long enough they might play a Loretta Lynn song. The very first country station that I found was just announcing that the song they were about to play was "Coal Miner's Daughter" by Loretta Lynn.


I was listening to a tape by Annie Dillard and out of nowhere thought about a joke I know involving a cigar and a brick. Five minutes later, Annie Dillard told the same joke on her tape. Another time, I thought about a poem my mother told me when I was a child. It intrigued me that it came to mind for no apparent reason and I wrote it down: "She smiled and called him Mister because in sport he kissed her. And so that night, just out of spite, that mister kissed her sister." That afternoon, I went to Barnes & Noble. I picked up a limerick book, opened it, and the page I opened to contained that poem!

Joyce Fama, Connecticut


 A triple coincidence happened in December of 1999.
I was visiting my brother and his family in the mountains of California on my way back to Hawaii from Egypt. it was a full moon and I was sitting there admiring a silver spoon with the falcon god Horus that I picked up in Luxor to use for scooping frankincense onto a burning coal. My brother was doing the dishes and he started singing : "and the cat's in the cradle with a silver spoon, little boy blue and the man in the moon..." I thought it was kinda trippy that he was singing that and I'm holding the spoon and can clearly see the moon's face in the window, but when I walked into the baby's room and saw the cat in the cradle I freaked!!!



 I have a pattern of synchronicity
which presents itself in the song which comes on when my radio alarm clock goes off in the morning. It reflects my dreams and the answers, questions or guidance I’m looking for at the time. This tends to happen after I’ve recently risked, grown or stretched myself in ways I didn’t think possible.

 B.W., Minnesota


I just found your web site. I wanted to tell you my story because it is such a testimonial to Synchronicity. I read The Power of Flow a few years ago. It was wonderful because it gave a name to some incredible experiences that had been happening in my life. Previous to reading the book I had decided to take what seemed like some huge risk to change and live my life in a way that was authentic to who I really am as a person. During this time I felt very drawn to take a trip to a small island off the coast of Fla. that my then husband and I had visited a year earlier. I felt like I could do some deep thinking by myself there. I wish I had time to write about all the synchronicities that occurred while I was there that let me know that I was in the right place, just know it was magical.


The one I wanted to share was, while I was there I took a trip to Apalachacola, an old fishing town just across the bridge. There was a radio station that I could pick up when I was in town that played older songs that you did not usually hear on your oldie stations. I had just pulled into a parking space when a song that I loved but never heard came on. I had this overwhelming feeling that this song would play a role in my life. I even spoke this out loud to myself. I got out a pen and piece of paper and wrote down the song and artist so I would be sure not to forget. It was one of those times when you know something but you don't know why you know it.


Months later I had returned home, still seeking my new path. I decided to take piano lessons because this was something I had always had a desire to do. Again I felt very drawn to take the lessons at a college that was offering continuing education classes. From a practical standpoint this did not make sense because it was not the closest place I could go to take classes. Again, it was one of those things that I knew I needed to do, I just did not know why. While taking the class the teacher and I decided to do one-on-one classes. During one of these classes, we got to talking and I told him about my trip to St. George Island. To my astonishment he said he went there often because he or a friend had a vacation home there. I thought that was very intriguing but I wasn't sure if it had any meaning or not.  About half way through our classes we were coming up on Christmas and he offered me some Christmas selections to work on. For some reason, and I love Christmas music, I asked him if he had something other than Christmas music I could work on.

 A week later when I came back to class he said that when he was going through his selection of songs, and he had been teaching music for years and playing since he was four, he was 38, he came across a song. These were his words,  ''Joy, when I saw this song I thought of you. " It was the song I had written down months earlier. You have to try and understand the gravity of this. This song was a fairly obscure song that seemingly had nothing to do with anything that was going on. I knew and believed with certainty at that time that I had tapped into some force, which I later came to know as Synchronicity and Flow, that seemed to be directing my life. Since this time my life has turned into an unbelievable journey. I am well on my way to living my dreams. I hope this inspires anyone reading this to definitely continue to listen to those inner promptings. They can lead you to magical places.



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