Changes in Life

When we stand back and look, we can see how flow,
through synchronicity after synchronicity, has
led us down certain paths to our calling.

The Power of Flow, p. 39


In 1985 my wife and I decided to move our family from the suburbs of Detroit to Southern California. We had one of the most expensive houses in our area, surrounded by mostly blue-collar homes (so to speak).  And it was a depressed market. From the time we put the house up for sale for months we didn't even have one looker. In March of 1986 I took a class in Florida on "How to Achieve Your Goals."  We had to pick a goal and work backward as to what would have to happen in order for each goal to occur.  I chose selling the house as a goal, and put the date of sale as May 31st of 1986.

That night I called my wife.  She said "Oh, by the way, today we had TWO realtors bring people through the house.  And one client made an offer (the offer was a low ball offer, but we thought we would have to take it because, simply speaking, it was the only one we had received).  Then she concluded "and, they want to move in by May 31st." Then I told my wife about my goal.  We accepted the offer.

However, the client couldn't come up with the money, and defaulted by the beginning of May. The very same day - actually, minutes later after we learned of the default - we got a call from the second realtor who had come that day. (BTW, these were the only two realtors who ever showed up).  She asked "Is your house still for sale?"  We told her about the default.  She said "The people I brought by that day absolutely want your house and don't care what they pay for it.  So, name your price!"  She concluded with: "The only problem is, they are being moved to the area from Salt Lake City and HAVE to be in the house by May 31st!" (and they were).

After we picked our tongues up off the ground.  We got down on our knees and expressed a lot of gratitude. We have other stories, but if this isn't synchronicity, I don't know what it is.  We've been blessed many times over since then, but only when we were in "the flow."

Dr. Gary Erkfritz, Thousand Oaks, CA


I was working in a job, and sitting there one day, I realized I could walk out the door and never look back: that was when I realized it was time or would be time soon, but I chose to trust the natural flow as I always believed it would lead me on the right path.  So, I set my intentions of knowing what my next job would be. 

Two months after this realization and talk with the universe, a client came in saying they were looking to hire staff at a local bank. Well, I stood there and thought "yes," I shall apply. But my present job had always been an obligated type of situation in which I was the only one running a small business for my boss, who had become like a mother to me.  So I decided to apply for the job and leave it up to the universe to let me know what to do and when.  Within literally two weeks my boss came to me and said she was selling the business to her daughter!  I couldn't believe it, I left guilt-free and still friends on October 18th 2002 and began working for the bank on November 18th 2002.  The story doesn't end there of coincidences. . .

I could only secure a part-time position with the bank (policy), so I went on unemployment, which would last precisely 9 months.  Three months before that time was up I considered applying for full-time positions at other branches, but something within said "no," to be patient.  Time was fast running out, but I trusted the universe.  I had in the nine months repaid a karmic debt and learned a lesson related to money, and now I asked the universe to help me work in a profession that would be more suited to my purpose (I had always wanted to help others).  Literally two weeks before my unemployment expired, I was on job bank and saw an ad for a nanny position.  I would not normally have looked into it further, but there was a personal webpage dedicated to the position, so I took a look.  There I saw a picture of Kate, a 16-year-old with cerebral palsy, and fell immediately in love with her, knowing I had to work with her (not for her family but with her).  I applied for the job, was successful and started 4 days before my unemployment expired!  To top it off, they have a grandfather clock that stopped at 11:58am, which is my birth time exactly -- AND Kate's mother and I share the same birthday, which was not learned until the actual date, when we stood at looked at each other in shock almost!



I had been in counseling for some time, and with help and a guide finally felt ready to do what I had never done before, which was to make a choice to leave town and become a truck driver. It sounds silly now, but it was the adventure that I was looking for -- time to be on my own and by myself. I told my therapist that I was terrorizing myself about meeting my trainer. I imagined being stuck on a truck for months with a big loud Rush Limbaugh-type person. Then I said, “Why am I doing this to myself?  Maybe I will meet a wonderful spiritual person that is also an artist.”  She said, “And maybe she will be gay!”  The thought of this thrilled and terrified me at the same time. I had never told anyone but her that I thought I was gay.

So, in spite of everyone else, I chose to go on my way and trust in myself. I arrived in Ohio very tired from the bus ride, where the only thing that slept all night on the fifteen-hour ride was my hands, feet and arms. I got to my assigned room, pulling a cart that the office gave me, and the handle flew off, sending me through a window. I burst into the room exclaiming, “I'm your new roommate,” scaring the poor person to death. This person was sitting there on the bed with a tablet and all kinds of drawing material. As I unpacked, I showed her how I had left most of my clothes behind and chose to bring all my art things instead. We talked about our art for a while and how we loved it. She was also going for the adventure, and just like me she lived in a trailer, had the same motorcycle, drove the same color car. She had a Mom named Fay; my mom's name is Ray. After I settled in she asked me if I wanted breakfast, so off we went. At breakfast she said she had a confession to make -- that she was gay. We also found out we worked for the same company in different states at the same ages and left under the same circumstances. If meeting her is not the power of flow, then I don't know what could be.

After going on this trip I have since  bought my own beautiful place with no money whatsoever. I began calling myself a true artist and found out more of who I am. I am also starting to find out what it is I want out of life. I believe that I am on the right path, and flow will show me all I need to know.



My wife and I had a major decision to make regarding a move to the New England area and we just couldn't seem to come to a mutual decision. Finally, after a night of arguing, we awoke in the morning, talked it out, and reached a compromise we could both live with. We decided we would "give it a try", if we could find a friend we could stay with until suitable housing could be found, and we could get the money to actually move us there. We would give it two months and if we saw it wasn't going to work out, then we would move to a western state we both love. This was a wonderful plan.

We drove into the office that morning and my wife was going to e-mail a friend of hers to ask if we might bunk with her for a few days while we scouted out the area. When we arrived and my wife pulled up her e-mail, however, there was already a message from her friend. She urged us to come to New England . . . and told us we could stay with her till we got settled.

About two hours later, a relative of mine telephoned to inform us that a long-overdue check had arrived in the mail . . . and had already been deposited in our checking account.

So, even while we were in the process of finalizing our decision, a place was already waiting for us and the money had already been deposited into our account. I think we were meant to go to New England.



In 1998–99, I was desperate to leave a boring desk job working for a large HMO in Houston, Texas. I was stale and yearned for some real adventure, for life to be brought back into my soul. I wanted to move back to Dallas, where my friends and family were, and switch careers. My sister won a trip to Ireland a couple months later. Perfect, I thought, I could finally get away! I considered quitting my job and tacking on a month-long European trip prior to meeting her and other family in Dublin, but was nervous about the expense and how it would all work out. Plus, I had never really traveled extensively, where exactly would I go?  Would it be safe?  During the course of the next few months, I fell in love with the music of Andrea Bocelli, specifically Rhapsody (this music struck me silent and teary-eyed in a crowded cafe at Dean and Deluca's in NYC), and with Roberto Benini's film “Life is Beautiful.” ITALY!  That's where I wanted to go. I gradually paid off all of my debts, and my apartment lease just happened to end exactly when I needed it to. Slowly, doubts crept in and I thought it would be safer just to meet my family in Ireland and forego seeing Italy just yet. I would just move my things into storage in Dallas and upon my return from Ireland, look for a job in the software industry, hopefully as an account manager at a global company.   

The day I finally decided not to see any more than Ireland, I stopped by Target on my way home from work. Coming out of the store, I noticed a dark-haired young guy grinning at me. "Bella!" he exclaimed as I passed. His friend, obviously embarrassed, told me he just arrived from Italy and was a bit...over exuberant. Obviously, regardless of how I felt, I was to go to Italy. Not being able to find anyone to go with me, I traveled there alone, staying in various inexpensive hostels, and I met fascinating people from around the world that I still keep in touch with to this day.

    I also met a wonderful guy from Dallas while in Ireland, and we've been involved for nearly two years now. He loves skiing, backpacking, and life and has a fresh, new outlook that I have adopted as my own.

    Even more intriguing, I landed the only job I interviewed for in five months of searching for a career in the software industry (recall the Millennium fears that the IT world was reckoning with). This job affords me some freedom away from my desk, managing 20 local accounts for a global company.

     Also, I am so thankful to have had the fortuitous opportunity to buy a house earlier this year. While staying with my sister and her husband, I met the real estate agent who lived next door. She told me about some creative financing that I could qualify for that required minimal out-of-pocket expense to get into the house. I looked for just two days before walking up to a house that I somehow KNEW would be home. My boyfriend, also being very handy and into real-estate investing, has helped me fix up the place and has involved me in learning to manage properties, another new area I'm currently exploring.

    Life really is a beautiful rhapsody now that I've learned to take risks, and I am thankful for the changes in my life resulting from just listening.

Jodie Hurst

I worked for a large Independent Physician Organization for over a year and during that time I became very stressed out and increasingly negative. I had been looking for a new job almost since the day I started, but for some reason none of the interviews panned out. Finally, in August, I had put up with all that I could and decided to resign. I felt somewhat better but, now was worried about my financial situation. I constantly questioned whether or not I had done the right thing and within several weeks fell into a deeper funk. One Sunday my husband and I went to our favorite bookstore to get a newspaper. We decided to look around for a book or two. I figured since I had nothing but time on my hands I could at least read. I picked up "The Power of Flow" and before opening it I told myself, "If anything on the first page of this books relates to me, I have to buy it". In the first sentence "Austin, Texas" is mentioned, which is where I live. So, I bought the book. I started reading a little each day and by the following Thursday I was feeling much more positive. While reading in the tub one day and saying my new affirmations, I received two calls for interviews. Both for jobs that I was really interested in. I interviewed for both positions and felt extremely good. Within the next week I was offered a job, which I turned down. It wasn't one that came to me in the flow. The following week I was offered both of the positions I wanted and actually got to make a choice. Everything flowed right into it for me. I have no doubts or fears that I made the right choice. Had it not been for this book I would have taken the first job I was offered and been just a miserable as before. I have since purchased this book as a birthday gift for one of my dearest friends who has also been feeling pretty lost lately. We talk on the phone everyday about the synchronicities in our lives. We are in the process of trying to get several other friends to start reading it, so that we can get into the flow together.

J.H., Austin, Texas


I was apartment-hunting in the St. Louis area. I had hoped to find something centrally located that also had closeness to nature. As one assistant manager was taking me around a complex, I told her that unless there was a third-floor, woods-view apartment available, I would not be interested. She informed me that there was nothing of that type at the moment. I left and spent the rest of the day doing more searching. At home that night, I got a call from her: She told me that as she was showing me around outside, the manager was speaking with a resident who called to say that she suddenly had to move -- and she was living in a third-floor, woods-view apartment. When I heard this story, I did not hesitate. She needed to leave just one week before I wanted to move in, just enough time for renovations, etc. I did not hesitate in signing up for what to me is obviously meant to be my home for this next span of time.

B.C. Missouri


I could, actually I think I will, write a book about the amazing coincidences that happen in my life on a daily basis. I used to ignore them, now I live for them, pay attention to them and act on them. In the early 1980's, I used to like to escape the college scene and drive about 10 minutes from campus to this quaint neighborhood, overlooking the bay to have my lunch and relax a bit. I always felt drawn to that place, like I belonged there, like I was supposed to be there, like there was something there for me. I graduated in 1983, moved back up north and never got back down there. It was an hour away, and I just never thought about it. In 1988, I married my high school sweetheart, who was in his own business as a contractor. In 1989, he came home and told me about a new contract that was in the southern part of the state, in that quaint neighborhood that I used to escape to. It was summertime and I loved going down to meet him for lunch and again, I felt so connected there! I distinctly remember one particular day, I pulled into the driveway where my husband was working. I got out of my car, stood side by side in front of the garage and we proceeded to argue a bit. The job was over and I never went back. We were divorced 5 years later. I met a man shortly after that and we became great friends. Over time, I fell in love with him. One day, he invited me down to his house for lunch. I followed his directions and found myself turning into that old, quaint neighborhood that I loved so much. It had been so long that I didn't recognize much about it, but the feeling was still the same. While we were sitting on his lawn, overlooking the bay, we heard a cat crying. We walked through a path in the woods and followed the sound of the cat's cry. We both stopped side by side when we saw the cat up in the rafters of the neighbor's garage. Suddenly, I realized that I was standing in the exact same driveway, in front of the exact same garage, in the exact same spot that I stood with my ex over 9 years before . . . only this time I wasn't arguing and I was with the right man. Today I know he is my soul mate. As I look back, I know that my soul was trying to find him back when I was in college over 15 years ago! He was there all along and I just wasn't paying attention. I am happy to say that today, I always pay attention and life is simply awesome!


I got a job as a Systems Analyst in 1993 at a company 25 miles from where I live. Shortly after starting, my boss and I were visiting with some consultants who, it turns out, had recently done a software installation for a company in my home town; I jokingly said to my boss, "Hmmm, I didn't know that company had an AS/400!" (The type of mainframe I work on.) He said, "Now don't go putting in your resume!" Well, I didn't. But after a few years working with this guy, things were pretty bad and I was desperate to get a different job. I had gone on about four interviews, none of which thrilled me, and all of them would still require a commute. I had told my husband off and on for a year or so, "I really should send my resume to Hufcor" (the company in my home town that I knew had an AS/400 computer system.) But for some reason I never did. Well, just when I thought I couldn't stand another day at my job, I prayed for an opportunity. My prayers were answered when a headhunter called me to fill a Systems Analyst position at none other than Hufcor. This company is not only in my home town, but only about one mile from my house! I landed the job and, after about two weeks, my new boss and I were chit-chatting and I found out he is my mom & dad's back yard neighbor! And we never knew each other prior to his hiring me.

S.M., Janesville, WI


For school I had to work at a company for a half year. I really wanted to work at a company in America, but although I sent forty letters to different companies, no company wanted to take me. So I decided to also sign in for the companies my school was connected with. These companies were in my own country. Because I had not enough points to get my first choice, the company of my last choice was the one I would go to work for. Here I met my boyfriend with whom I feel incredibly connected. I never before have given someone the chance to get into my heart and he just . . . It went so easily. I don't think I will ever leave him. So if it wasn't for the rejections or the too little points I had for my first, second and third choice, if I could do it over again I will certainly go for the company of my fourth choice, cause there he worked.

Diana, The Netherlands

In 1994 I lived in LA and had just been fired, had a huge fight with my best friends, and then went through the famous earthquake. I was depressed. I easily got a job with a lawyer and I quickly made a lot of money. My friends were South African and I was reading a lot about SA and the changeover in government. I had called the embassy (SA) to hook me up with South Africans (I was lonely for the lingo)...No problem, they clued my in on a club...From there things just started moving and at a focused quick speed. I decided to just go to SA for 3 months. My boss was moving to another county, I had all these current boyfriend. I kept meeting people in markets, on the street, in the bank, in the photo store, and the weirdest was a wrong number that ended up becoming a supportive friend. I had no fear of traveling. I had so much info from friends of where to go and who to contact. Bought my ticket. Everything was so organized without me really doing anything. There was no stress. It was just right. It seemed like magic. I would see key articles in the paper on Africa and South Africa all the time. It was my most magical time and I miss that feeling of being on this guiding beam.


Up until a couple years ago, I never knew anything about synchronistic events.  My neighbor at the time realized I was having questions about my life's path and she gave me the book The Celestine Prophecy.  Little did I know it but my life had been absolutely full of synchronistic events.  One major one that changed the course of my career and led me to meet my very best friend in the whole world, happened six years ago when I was really depressed, working as a fairly new nurse (two years) on a very busy surgical ward.  I came home crying every night, hating nursing and wanting to quit.  I didn't know what to do because  the money was so good but I was just so miserable.  Next thing I know, this new nurse starts working on our unit. She was from Edmonton, where she worked in a very specialized area called NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).  I didn’t know it even existed at the time, and the funny thing was that all my life I had this real thing for babies.  She told me about a course I could take here to specialize in this field.  So, with no support or encouragement from my husband, I ventured out to pursue this, all while working full time and paying for it myself because my husband was just concerned about money, not focusing in on what really matters, which is your happiness.  Anyway, after completing the theory part of the course, a "fortunate" accident happened to me at work where I got injured.  I say "fortunate" because after the theory part of the course, I had to do a three-week-long clinical experience on the unit, during which time I wouldn't be able to work, thereby stressing my husband out about money again.  The injury caused me to be on Workman's Compensation, and I was able to complete my clinical while having money coming in to pay the bills! 

The story goes on further because while I was doing my clinical I met three great nurses from a smaller hospital on the other side of the city.  They told me I should come work in their nursery, but I had my heart set on getting a position in the bigger, busier, more intense unit that we were doing our clinical in.  It turns out that I didn't get the job there. In desperation, I called that smaller nursery, and to my surprise these nurses had told their manager all about me, so he gave me the job. Not to mention that a couple months later my husband and I bought a house close to that area. If I got the job in the big city hospital, I would have had  a miserable commute.  Furthermore, I met my best friend a few months later in this little nursery. 

Synchronicity is amazing and I pray it will help me out now in this difficult time of my relationship where I feel in my heart I have to leave and something is telling me to take a nursing assignment in California.  All the signs are pointing in this direction.  I keep hearing that song on the radio "Going to California."  I've currently separated myself from my husband but I feel guilty and bad for him as he loves me so much, but I just feel like it's over and I have to move on.  I need the courage and strength to do so.

Feeling Lost,


In 2000, I was very discontented with the position
I held at my job. As I sat at my computer at work I noticed a supervisor passing a piece of paper to an agent.  I wondered what it was and at that moment the thought came to look in the employment section on our internal company website. The same day I looked at the job announcements posted in the lunchroom, yet I saw nothing to apply for. On the website there was a job opening that was not in the packet in the lunchroom and the closing date was the next day. I went home that night, got my resume together and applied for the job the following day. I received a call requesting that I come in and take the required test. The morning of the test, I decided I wasn't going to go, because I probably wouldn't get the job because of seniority and I was only with the company a year and a half. I decided to do a major hair style change that day and I was half way through with the process when the thought of the test came to mind. I said to myself, no, I'm not going and I heard, "GO!"  Immediately, I stopped what I was doing, called and asked a friend to come over and watch my children, got dressed and went to take the test. I did well on the test and was called for an interview. I went for the interview and about two weeks later I started in the new position. I always tell people I thank God for blessing me with the position



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