How Much Synchronicity 
Do You Have in Your Life?

             A totally unscientific quiz

Have you ever thought of telephoning someone, only to have that person call you unexpectedly before you could get to it?

Have you ever been late to get somewhere and found the way inexplicably seemed to open in front of you so that you arrived just in time?

Has the right amount of money shown up from an unexpected source just when you needed it?

Has a toll lane or a cash register line ever opened up just as you approached it?

When you are in a hurry, do you ever find a scarce parking spot right where you need to be?

In a desperate search for some piece of information or item, has it inexplicably shown up in some unexpected way?

Have you run into a friend in an unlikely, distant, or out-of-the-way place?

Has a lost object ever come back to you in an unusual and unexpected way?

Have a series of coincidences happened to you that all seemed to be pointing you in a particular direction?

Have you been in the right place at the right time to rescue someone, or were you ever rescued by a stranger who just happened to be there?

Have you run into obstacle after obstacle only to find out later that it was a good thing you didnít continue in that direction?

Have you thought of a question only to have it answered on the radio or by the people talking at the next table before you could ask it?

Have you found that meaningful coincidence usually validates the direction youíre going?


Count the number of items you checked

0-4        You are a flowsnoozer, not yet awake to the magic in your life. The fact that you're here means that it's changing!

5-8       You are a flowbrowser, starting to notice that something interesting is going on.

9-12     You are a flowseeker, following the signs and paying attention.

All 13    You are a flowmaster, ready to share with others your way of living.


From The Power of Flow, (c) JAI Inc.


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