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"There is a natural, joyous current in life, and tapping into it is what this book is all about. If you prefer happiness and delight to being stuck, read The Power of Flow." Larry Dossey, M.D., Author of Healing Words   wpe13.gif (4412 bytes) "At last, a really practical book showing you ways to embrace the abundance of the universe, easily and effortlessly. I highly recommend The Power of Flow."
Louise L. Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life!
"In a sea of self-help books, The Power of Flow stands out for its hopeful outlook and down-to-earth wisdom." 
Suzanne Curley, Newsday
"An outstanding contribution to our understanding of the deeper processes that shape our lives. Reading this book is a continual encounter with a part of us that always lives in harmony and attunement with the cosmos. Allowing this part to emerge and becoming a flowmaster is one of the spiritual tasks before us in the next century. The Power of Flow eloquently launches us on our way."
David Spangler, Author of The Call and Everyday Miracles



Forget "The Force." Go with the "Flow," the hottest buzz on the self-help circuit.
Bill Briggs, The Denver Post



At first I had a hard time believing that by connecting the coincidences in my life, I would discern a pattern. The authors make a telling case, however, with such title headings as "The Nine Attributes that Create the Power of Flow," "The Process of Transformation," and "Connect with Yourself and Others," anchoring their presentation with a dozen specific flow-enhancing techniques. Indeed, the day I began reading the book, a friend tried to interest me in a business proposition: I declined, saying half-jokingly that "The only thing I can sell is reading and writing." The next day, I received a call from the local newspaper asking me to essentially do that. I accepted without another thought.
Reviewer, New Alternatives for Publishers, Retailers and Artists




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